March 5, 2015 – SYMPOSIUM OF THE PREVENTION OF TEENAGE PREGNANCY/ DELAYING EARLY MARRIAGE at the PUP San Juan Campus to 500 COED students of first to fourth year students. It was also attended by faculty and staffs.

We had speakers from friends of our member Bernadette Fabian (NGO’s and doctor speakers). Our very own members who acted as:

Facilitator/Emcee – Erlinda Marquez

Introduction – Chair Carmencita Sobremensana

Conclusion/ Recommendation – Lilia de Jesus

Closing Remark – Jean Yao

Speakers tackle on subjects like:

>Understanding Myself

>Attraction – Human Sexuality, Physical Attraction, Childhood Dreams

>Teenage Romance

>Pre-Marital Sex

>Health (Men’s & Women’s Health with emphasis on Women’s Health). Brief description of male and female anatomy, guidelines to personal hygienic, Health concerns on sex and different partners, health concerns on Teenage Pregnancy. Anatomy not ready to carry baby/ childbirth.

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